2 Jul 2014

Style Input type File with CSS and JavaScript

The worst thing with input [type file] while using different browsers including firefox,chrome,internet explorar or safari is that they show differnt layout or output. That makes us take extra care while designing our website. Well this is not that tough as seems to be. The goal can be easily achieved by applying a little css and javascript. This repository contains all the relevant code. Using this trick we can mirror any text / link / button / image / or even a div or span to represent a input type file.

12 Jun 2014

“Send to” Bluetooth menu may be missing after a Refresh on Windows 8

Cause :
This issue occurs because the “Bluetooth device” shortcut may not have been restored to the “SendTo” folder during the Refresh.
Solution :
To restore “Bluetooth device” to the “Send to” menu, add a shortcut to fsquirt.exe under the SendTo folder by following these steps:
  1. Go to C:\Windows\System32  and found fsquirt.exe  , right click fsqurit and send it to desktop.
2. Cut paste the fsquirt.exe shortcut  in the following location  C:\Users\**Username**\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo  and rename it to “Bluetooth device” .

4 Dec 2013

B.Tech MDU Theory Exams 2014

MDU Theory Exams 2014 for B.Tech Students are supposed to be start from 18th Dec.
Visit University website-- http://mdurohtak.ac.in  for more information.

Practical Files ++

Practical Files Section is incremented. Some new files are added include System and Network Administration (SNA), Advance Java (AJ) and Web Engineering (WE).
Check it out-- Practical Files

27 Sept 2013

Engimach 2013

India’s Largest Engineering & Machine Tools Exhibition Held At Ahmedabad Education Society Ground,Near Vijay Cross Roads, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India.Phone: +91 79 2646 9725, 2646 0624 ENGIMACH majorly covers 40 sectors of the machine tools industry and more than 20 countries have participated in the last 9 editions since 1997. It offers an ideal launch pad for new ideas, products and services, a conducive platform for forging joint ventures and collaborations and an open marketplace to source ideal solutions. In sum, ENGIMACH is the open-access doorway to the global marketplace and a business solution.

ENGIMACH showcases an exhaustive range of innovations and technology in the complete product range of engineering, machinery and machine tools industry.
For more details visit - www.engimach.com

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